Samsung Accessory SDK

Hi i have a question. I need to develop a react native app to communicate with Samsung Watches. Is the Samsung Accessory SDK is useful for my project and if is it is necessary to have a tizen/watch app on my Samsung galaxy watch i only read the Samsung steps data from my watch to my app i don’t want to make a watch app for communication. Thanks

Hello, @auvgffle

I can see your React Native app to communicate with Samsung Watches, the Samsung Accessory SDK is indeed useful. It allows you to connect accessory devices, like Samsung Watches, to Samsung smart devices. You can use various smart device functions from the accessory device, which in your case is the Samsung Watch.

Regarding your specific need to read step data from the watch without creating a Tizen app, it’s possible to communicate with the watch and read data like steps using the Samsung ADPVantage Accessory Protocol. You might still need to handle some aspects of Tizen to establish communication, even if you don’t create a full-fledged Tizen app.

There’s also a React Native bridge module for accessing Samsung Accessory Services, which could be integrated into your project. This might streamline the process of connecting your React Native app with the Samsung Watch and facilitate the data transfer you’re looking for.

I hope my suggestion is helpful for you, If you want more details please tell me.

Best Regard,
Ryan Manus