Access steps, Heart Rate to iOS app

Is Samsung provide any API to get Steps, Heart rate from Samsung watch3 for iOS ?. if yes then please guide me.

Apple’s App store has Samsung Health so the question is what are you trying to do. But most likely the answer is Samsung Health is a proprietary algorithm and you need to be a partner to obtain the data. You can get the raw data from Watch3 sensors but how you use interpret it and use it may or may not be feasible.

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I have developed a tizen web app for watch, in which i am able to get the steps counts and Heart rate measurement data. I am using Samsung accessory protocol to do the communication between android moile app and tizen web app and able to send steps count and HRm data to my android mobile app.

same thing i want to achieve in IOS.
Is samsung accesory protocol is also supported for IOs?.


There is no accessory protocol support for iOS, only Android.

If you’d like to communicate between a watch and an iOS device I think the two options are either by using the Bluetooth protocol on the watch, or writing to a shared web server that both devices have access to.

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To get Steps Heart rate over Bluetooth protocol, What are the servceis and characterstics and how we would get the reading by using them (after setup the BLE connection with Samsung Watch3).

Sorry for the delay is response. I would suggest checking the BT protocols for whatever framework your app is written in in the Tizen Docs, for example .NET:

That should give you an idea of how to create your own GATT characteristics from the watch application, which could then be shared with a mobile application. Tizen Watch <-> iPhone is not a common use case, so sadly there isn’t much documentation or examples detailing this exact case.