Samsung Developer Conference '23

Hello Everyone,

since compared to the golden years of Tizen I have not seen any thread to date that mentions the next SDC23 which will be held (finally) live in the famous Moscone Center in San Francisco, from October 5th.

For all those who cannot be physically present at this event, I would like to point out the WFS news session that will be revealed here:

“What’s New and Next in Watch Face Studio 2023”

If you haven’t already done so, sign up here to stay updated on all the news that will be shown in about a week.

Personal thought:

it’s true, totally true, compared to a couple of years ago, many of us designers (and many end users) think that Samsung made a bad choice in abandoning Tizen on their smart watches to rely on and collaborate with Google to resurrect Wear OS in that Play Store mess.

I still hold this opinion, even if they had legal problems due to IP infringements, they could have applied a different strategy.
Some felt betrayed, others moved on to other brands.

However, let’s remember that without the WFS Team, many of us would not have had the opportunity to continue releasing Watch Faces due to lack of software development experience.

So, we support the WFS team and are grateful for their hard work.