Tizen to WearOS

So, rumors say that the next Galaxy Watch will run WearOS instead of Tizen.

What does this mean for us Tizen watch face developers?

Do all watch faces get lost? Are we able to transfer those watch faces? Can we still use the Galaxy Store for watch faces?

I’ve been wondering about all this Tizen to WearOS speculation too, and I’m thinking that might explain why there hasn’t been an update to GWS in almost a year. Best case scenario if a move to WearOS is imminent: They stopped development on the Tizen version of GWS a year ago and started development on the WearOS version so that it would be ready at launch of the GW4. I know, I know, but I can dream, right?

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I just hope all this “switch to Wear OS” is just fake news…

It seems that 3 years ago Samsung has switched from wear os developed by google to using Tizen os developed by Samsung itself, do you think that now Samsung is abandoning its operating system and reusing Google’s wear os?

That’s the rumor, and they switched to Tizen closer to 7 years ago.

If this is true what will happen to all our other work? Will it be migrated across? I doubt that… Will all the watches out there stay on Tizen. Will we still be able to develop for Wear OS?

A couple if years ago there was a similar rumor and was fake, let’s hope this is the same. Wear OS has issues, while Tizen has become probably the best OS for wearables, so yeah i don’t know.