New Year Resolutions!

Firstly thanks Samsung and Google for giving us the WFS application its a great tool for creating watch faces if you don’t have the development skills required with Android Studio.

My experience has been mixed , previously I was developing for Tizen but became inactive due to other commitments.

Now here is my list - (Play Store) Customer Feedback, Customer is always first , its a shame we have so many issues!

  • Customers have the ability to download watch face without having errors incompatible device etc.
  • Customers can read review reviews without having to use a browser.
  • Customers can view other watch faces you have developed without using a browser.

Review Process

  • Still ongoing issues with HR no consistently they still seem to fail, with full description explaining.
  • When your watch face fails they don’t actually tell you what the issue is for example I have a text issue but they don’t tell you what text. ( Tizen they would at least give you a screenshot/video).

At the end of the day its Samsung and Google and of course us developers are loosing out here as the above is of course preventing Sales and revenue.

Happy New Year , hopefully one day we can sell watch faces without all these issues.

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