Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 - Custom watchface support

My question about this product is if it will allow the use of Samsung Watchface studio editor to create customized watchfaces for it , or if modders & developers will manage to develop some sort of program for it, otherwise being stuck with the 100 watchfaces in the app , is going to suck .

They are repetitive, boring, uninteresting, bleak, and it being a cheap budget device , a lot of people are gonna want to play with it .

Also given that the original Samsung Gear S is now too old to be found even on second hand markets, at least here in Romania, the Fit3 remains the only option from Samsung for a rectangular screen device.


What os is it using tizen? Or wear os?

Neither of the two apparently, asking around I got a reply that it uses FreeRTOS , does anybody know how to work with this one and customize it ?

An excerpt I found when googling about it


FreeRTOS, a Real-Time Operating System adaptable to various smartwatch designs, is lightweight and suitable even for low-end chipsets, ensuring efficient performance and extended battery life. Although not directly manufacturing smartwatches, numerous global brands leverage FreeRTOS due to its cost-effectiveness and lightweight nature. However, the absence of third-party app support limits its functionality, allowing only a select few native apps without the option for additional installations.

Advantages of FreeRTOS:

FreeRTOS offers adaptability for customization, a polished UI, extended battery life, and a lightweight framework compared to Wear OS.

Disadvantages of FreeRTOS:

The limitations of FreeRTOS encompass the absence of third-party app support and constraints on extensive modifications to the operating system for individual preferences.

The choice between Wear OS and FreeRTOS hinges on individual needs, with Wear OS catering to a diverse app ecosystem and seamless integration while FreeRTOS prioritizes efficiency, customization, and cost-effectiveness. Selecting the right operating system ultimately aligns with specific smartwatch functionalities and user priorities.

Also I found that other smartwatch devices used this OS in the past and it was looked into and modded by various users : FreeRTOS GitHub

Sadly dont think any samsung studio supports your os.

Oh,now that is a tremendous shame isn’t it ?
Such a missed opportunity & disappointment on Samsung’s part.

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