Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, SDK for Health Platform on WearOS is not available

I get an error when trying to connect to Health Services on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Connection to service is not available for package ‘’ and action ‘’.
2021-09-04 21:00:41.109 com.example.measuredata E/ServiceConnection: Connection disconnected and maximum number of retries reached.

Please fix this. This is very necessary for building applications.


Are you a Samsung Health Partner? Samsung Health is only available to partners. Can you explain more what you are trying to do.

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@r.liechty_SDP I am also getting same error while trying to access Android HealthService APIs on Samsung Galaxy watch 4 classic

I apologize but I don’t know anything about Android Health Services or using Android Studio to develop Watch Apps. You’ll need to address the Android Health Services issue on one of the Android Developers community

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@bosenko Any chance you worked out how to get to the sensor data on your Watch4? I have been having issue getting heart rate info into my app.

Same problem on my side

The Samsung Health team responded.
While Samsung Health support Steps and HR complication but due to privacy issues, there’s no way to get the data via those complications.
There is no public API so for now, 3rd party have to read Step count and HR data directly from the sensor.

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Hi Ron

This approach doesn’t work either.
The available Android methods do not work on the Samsung watch.
The Samsung team needs to do something about it and as soon as possible.
The Play market has already begun to reject watch faces and applications because they do not display information about the heart. And making a watch face using complications inevitably leads to a heart rate check, because in the android system in the Galaxy Watch 4, they are available for selection complications by default!

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I got a response that this is a known issue with the WearOS Powered by Samsung that is to be fixed in an update expected this fall.

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Its Winter now and this issue still has not been fixed. When can we expect a solution to this issue?

Just to clarify the old Samsung Health SDK for Android does not work with Wear OS Powered by Samsung devices it is for Tizen OS Devices (Gear S2 - Galaxy Watch3)
For Galaxy Watch 4 you use the Health Services Platform this is compatible with the latest GDPR and other nation’s privacy and data sharing regulations

There are three blog tutorials created in 2022 that should help you get started.

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