How to connect Samsung Health and access Samsung Health Data


When measuring the number of steps, I want to develop an app for Galaxy Watch and a mobile app, and I want to use Samsung Health data.

I understand that you need to apply for a partner app to link Samsung Health, is it possible to apply for a partner app now?

I wonder if there is a way to develop it using Samsung Health SDK or API without applying for a partner app.

Mobile App,
Galaxy Watch 3 App,
Galaxy Watch 4 App
Whether all of them can be developed in conjunction with Samsung Health,
I would also like to know if the access method to Samsung Health data is the same or different.

Thank you.

Hey there,

Currently, there will not be accepting any applications for the Samsung Health SDK Partner Apps Program because of ongoing updates.

But for Galaxy Watch 4 or later version, you can go through Samsung Privileged Health SDK and apply for partnership, or you can go through Health Services on Wear OS to get health related data.

Thank you for your answer.

Does it mean that other devices (e.g., mobile apps) except for Galaxy Watch 4 or later version can’t be developed in conjunction with Samsung Health?

I want to develop a mobile app using Samsung Health data, is there any other way?

This Health Platform API can be helpful in this situation.

not exactly. even not only for Galaxy Watch 4 or later version, but also you can use Health Services on Wear OS for any watch based on Wear OS version 3 or above.

You can forget about Galaxy Watch 3 Apps.
The Galaxy Watch Store is no longer accepting new Tizen based Apps.
The Android Health SDK is available for Tizen Watches but you can not run apps without a partnership so it is only useful if you are only already a partner.

For Galaxy Watch4 and 5 and future Galaxy Watches they will be using Wear OS 3.x which has Wear OS Health Services and I believe while Samsung Health may not synced with Health Services steps it soon will be.

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