Samsung Health Read Result , Listener not working

Samsung Health weight read request not working.
we have weight read permission , and accquired in device , connected succesfully but read result listner not updated any datas


` val startTime = getUtcStartOfDay(System.currentTimeMillis(), TimeZone.getDefault())
   val endTime = startTime + TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(1)
        val request = HealthDataResolver.ReadRequest.Builder()
        .setLocalTimeRange(HealthConstants.Weight.START_TIME, HealthConstants.Weight.TIME_OFFSET, startTime, endTime)

Are you a Samsung Health Privileged Partner (Galaxy Watch4 and newer) if so open a Samsung Developer Technical Request and use either Android non-game, Watch Face or Other as the request type and Mention you are a privileged Member in the request.

If you are not a Privileged Partner are you an older (Tizen OS) Health Developer Partner?

Samsung Developer Relations