Samsung Internet Tabs Limit

After using other browser for years on my Tab S4 Dex mode, the Samsung internet browser almost fills all my need except for the fact that there is a 99 tabs maximum limit. It really limit what I can do at the same time without using other browser to support the work I’m doing. I really want to use this browser as the one and only replacement for other browser for my mobile work.


Thank you very much for your feedback. In this forum, we try to support web developers with their technical queries about Samsung Internet.

Since you have usability feedback you will be able to find better and faster support at Samsung Support or in the Samsung Members app on your Samsung mobile device.

Best Regards,
Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Program

Since beta and stable are two different versions, you can download the beta version of Samsung Internet and it will let you open more than 99 tabs.