Using custom tab / external browser Samsung Internet

Hi there,

We are trying to implement the GitHub - openid/AppAuth-Android: Android client SDK for communicating with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers. library in our app and we saw a specific problem with the Samsung Internet Browser.

By default we use the custom tab, which works fine with this Samsung browser.

We saw a problem. It seems that the browser tries to reload the first URL and does not redirect the user to the step it was at when the view was “destroyed” / “recreated” by the OS (for some reason like memory issue when the user put the app in background etc).

We don’t have this behaviour at all when we do the same things with the browser opened as “external”.

So there seems to be an implementation problem with Samsung Internet and the custom tabs.

Any ideas?



Try opening a developer support request for this using other as the platform type. I’m not sure they can help so include this topic URL and maybe the Samsung Internet team will answer here if not via the support.

Samsung Developer Relations