Samsung M02 has not Galaxy theme app

I Don’t know why my M02 hasn’t galaxy theme
I try to find how to enable or to install, but everything i try not working , and I saw alot of videos from YouTube , every Samsung M02 hasn’t Galaxy theme app , So… Galaxy theme app for M02 not supporting or not installed. Whats the problem ??


In the newer Android versions Themes are set in the user settings.

It used to be there was an option to have this in the application tray and on the home page when it installed. An update removed that option. A new update allowed it to be in the application tray again but did not do it automatically. If you want it in the applications tray do a search and add it that way.

Samsung Developer Relations.

Samsung Developer Relations

You should have an option for Themes on your settings menu. If you don’t something is wrong with your phone setup, I’ve never heard of that :frowning:

I have the same problem…i can’t find samsung galaxy theme app even in settings…nor can i find it when i search on galaxy store…i have only seen this problem on the samsung galaxy M02…


There is a YouTube video that shows how to do it. If this is in India the try and buy /subscriptions regulations that were just enacted may be an issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

How to get galaxy theme
I can’t find it totally in my phone

Open Themes from your Settings menu. Then, under menu, tap on the Settings icon top right. Turn on the option to “Add Galaxy Themes to Home and Apps Screens”

How can i get it on my home scene

Read my post and follow the process…