Samsung Notes S-Pen SDK exported PDF

Hey there, I’m new to this forum. I’m a bit disappointed by the export quality of the Samsung Notes app on my Galaxy Tab S8+ and don’t understand why it doesn’t store vector data inside the PDF. Instead, upon export, Samsung Notes embeds rasterized versions of the pages in the PDF.

However, in a PDF analyzer, I’ve noticed there’s another stream of binary data. This data is probably used such that the Samsung Note app can display the vector graphics again once the PDF is imported back to the app. This works like a charm in the app itself, but it’s not sufficient as I want to share the PDF files in vectorized form with other people as well.

The stream of binary data ends with this string: “Document for S-Pen SDK”. That’s why I came here: maybe somebody of you knows how this works: what kind of data does the binary data hold? Apparently it’s more than just “draw a line with that color from coordinates (x1,y1) to coordinates (x2,y2)”. What does it have to do with the S-Pen SDK and can I find any documentation for it online except for standard tutorials that show how to set up an XML file? I’m also not sure how the API reference can help me out with this.

My ultimate goal (maybe not achievable, but why not dream big) is to create a little script than can take a PDF generated by Samsung Notes and extract the “vector graphics” content such that I can create an SVG or even better another PDF that holds the vectorized data to be read by usual PDF viewers. This would drastically reduce the huge file sizes (>10MB for a few pages sometimes) and increase the quality as we wouldn’t deal with rasterized images anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help and pointers in the right direction.