Samsung S23 Ultra TelephonyManager related question

Hello Samsung Developer community,

I noticed that Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t receive any CellInfoNr objects or anything related to New Radio cells (from TelephonyManager class), like isEndcAvailable for CellInfoLte also returns false, even though the specific cell has EN-DC available. Couldn’t be android or my code issue, as when tested on other phones (non-Samsung), NR cell related data is available.

As far as I know, Samsung has enabled 5G services on the carrier that I am using. °
Is NR cell related data/features are turned off for this specific device or is this issue/feature present for all Galaxy S devices?

P.S. When checking *#0011# the NR related info is there.

It seems security related issue. May be Samsung has some restriction to use this feature from 3rd party application.
Since the issue is occurring only with Samsung, you can report this to Samsung Developer Support team for clear analysis.