Samsung signage: debug web app over USB?

I have developed a web app for a Samsung Signage device, it runs using the URL Launcer. Debugging over ethernet/WiFi using Tizen Studio is very buggy (often loses connection) so I was wondering if it’s possible to debug over USB in a Chrome running on my PC (so I don’t have to use Tizen Studio)? My device has Tizen 4.0. Or is it possible over the network? Chrome on my PC does not discover the Samsung device…
If this is not possible, maybe you have some tips for more stable debugging using Tizen Studio?


Debugging a Samsung Signage web app over USB is possible by enabling USB debugging on your device and using the chrome://inspect/HealthCare gov interface on Chrome. For a more stable debugging experience with Tizen Studio, ensure your device is properly connected, set breakpoints effectively and use the Dynamic Analyzer for performance monitoring.

Hi Dennis,
Thank you for replying. I just can’t seem to find the developer option to enable USB debugging. The model of my device is QM32R-B. Do you know how to find this?
Cheers, Roel.

Ok, turns out the developer options are under URL Launcher Settings, but only Remote with the IP address of my PC. I followed this instruction, but I do not get an “inspect” link on the devices page in chrome: Debugging for Samsung Tizen — BlackBox QA
Any suggestions? Thanks!