Tizen Studio debug Tizen Webbrowser


I want to debug a website in Tizen Studio with is displayd on a Samsung Sinage Display in Tizen Webbrowser.
I have found this article to connect the Display with Tizen, this works fine.
But I cant debug with Tizen Browser App. No app appears in Project Explorer.

Maybe I make a mistake? Somebody any Ideas?

Thank you for your help.

Two Questions first is did you get your Samsung Author and Samsung (Tizen) Distributor Certificates. You can’t install without that.

The second is that Signage and Hospitality TVs are not the same as Smart TVs so are you a B2B partner there is a community for that.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I install the Distrubutor Certificates.

Maybe someone here can still help me. Or have the same Problem?

Like this article from the Tizen Forum.


I suggest you try the community on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform portal

Hope that helps

Samsung Developer Relations