Samsung smart tv Q8DT65

Since I bought my new Samsung smart tv Q8DT65 I have try to set developer mode with no avail, very frustrating after spending so much money for it I begining to feel regret.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is your TV connected to the same WiFi Network as your computer?

Have you followed all the instructions on this page

I’ve seen some reports that Developers had to use a remote keyboard to enter the numbers but I didn’t notice what model

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes I followed the instructions in the page this morning and I also ping this up address and is connected.
Will retry again tonight and check all instructions again
Thank you for the response I’m very frustrating every app on Samsung tv is a subscription don’t want to pay that kind of money.

Thanks again I’ll keep you posted.

Ok this is my Smart TV INFO:


S/N: 9BT3CZR400317P