Samsung The Frame 50" - Missing dimensions

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been sent here by a Samsung representative from , because he couldn’t answer the following question, but he thought somebody here could.

I’m currently working on the 3D model of a custom-made VESA support for that TV. For that purpose, I’m looking for the two missing dimensions in the following picture :

The TV model is the new 2020 50" Samsung The Frame (QE50LS03T in Europe, QN50LS03T in North America, QA50LS03T in Australia, etc.).

I need precise dimensions, not approximations. A technical drawing of the back of the TV would be ideal.

I’ve been asking Samsung representatives for that info for several weeks now, so I hope somebody can finally help me. Thanks in advance ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Would somebody please care to help here ? I never thought it would be so difficult to get an answer to such a basic question ! :hushed:

For the record, I have just read this topic : No Gap wall mount from The Frame . And I’m quoting this part:

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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I would absolutely agree, even if it were about this topic… except for the fact that has sent me here! I have emails to prove it.

So for God’s sake, what does an end user have to do in order to get a valid answer from Samsung on the tech specs of their own products??? Please Samsung people, sort your own issues instead of playing ping-pong with your users!

I don’t know why they sent you here, I think they mean to send to the Members Community. Still they send people here quite often and I understand your frustration.
The US Community may be of help I’m not sure if you will be redirected to a local site or not.

If you have not satisfaction let me know where you are located send a private message if you don’t wish to let the world know.

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Thanks Ron, I appreciate. FYI here’s an excerpt from the emails (I already needed 3 emails back and forth just to get to this point):

I cannot find that info anywhere within my work tools, but I invite you to contact my colleagues on the following website in order to get that info:

I will contact the US Community right away. With that said, if by any chance your status would give you easier access to that info via your own contacts, please be kind enough to help here. I’ve been trying for weeks, literally, and there seems to be no end in sight. All that only for two basic dimensions that should be in every user’s manual! (and they aren’t - I’ve tried that too)

I looked for manuals too. All I could find is VESA compliant. Apparently the product support staff doesn’t understand the difference between developer and manufacturer.

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This will be my last post here: the people you recommended finally found the answer in a service manual! Here it is:

Thank you again, and all the best for the future.