Samsung Tizen Smart TV command Smart Development Bridge < $sdb shell > command returns status is 'closed'. how to enable it.?

My Real Samsung Smart Tizen series 4 TV is running, my build is ready, I am trying to run the following command to run in debug:

$ sdb -s shell 0 execute org.tizen.volume-setting

It returns this :


When I run

$ sdb capability

I have the following output :

imac@iMacs-iMac-2 ~ % sdb capability secure_protocol:enabled intershell_support:disabled filesync_support:pushpull usbproto_support:disabled sockproto_support:enabled syncwinsz_support:enabled sdbd_rootperm:disabled rootonoff_support:disabled encryption_support:disabled zone_support:disabled multiuser_support:enabled cpu_arch:armv7 sdk_toolpath:/home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools profile_name:tv vendor_name:Samsung can_launch:tv-samsung device_name:Tizen platform_version:5.5 product_version:4.0 sdbd_version:2.2.31 sdbd_plugin_version:3.8.0_TV_REL sdbd_cap_version:1.0 log_enable:disabled log_path:/tmp appcmd_support:disabled appid2pid_support:enabled pkgcmd_debugmode:enabled netcoredbg_support:enabled