Samsung Weather Wear OS 4 Complication Issue

A new firmware means new issues arising.
And in this case, this may be a big one.

For the Samsung Weather, when you put the SHORT_TEXT Weather complication, the weather icon no longer appears, like it did, on WearOS 3.

WearO.S 3.5

For the WearOS 4, the weather complication shows up like this:

My question for this is…
Why did they make this change?! This is a step backwards! People want to see the weather conditions, not just the temperature! If people wanted to see the city’s name, they would use the LONG_TEXT format.

Is there a way that they can fix this the SHORT_TEXT format to the previous format (Icon + TEXT) without waiting another year, for the next WearOS firmware?! I’d say that this is quite urgent, because not everyone wants to download another weather app.



Hi. I’m currently waiting for my GW6 test unit so I can’t test it but what happens when you add Text + Title + Icon layout and hide Title manually?

I haven’t tried this yet (text + title + icon / hide title manually) on WFS.

If it works, I guess we should update all watch faces from this side as well. Huge work of course.

Maybe it would be better to make a fix on this side.

At the moment, who downloads a watch face with the new GW6, the “Weather” complication will not show the icon but only the degrees and the city as mentioned in the first post.

The “World Clock” complication now shows the large time and the small city but the city names have not been abbreviated so they will be truncated…



I wish I could test this, as a lot of my watchfaces use the Icon + Title + Text format. However, I don’t have the WearOS 4 firmware yet. I asked a person to provide the WOS4 pic, so that I could make the post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the GW6 since yesterday.

I tried to do as you say, if I add Text + Title + Icon and hide “Title” manually, the complication looks like this:


City name + Icon

If instead I don’t hide “Title”, I will have this result:


Basically, in the “Weather” complications, the degrees are associated on the “Title”. Instead on Wear OS 3.5 the degrees were associated with “Text”.

This instead is displayed with SHORT TEXT complication with Icon+Text - Text+ Title layout (as on initial post):


Hi @Matteo_Dini ,
So, it looks like now it needs Icon + Title.

Can you try Text + Icon + Title & hide Text? Then just set Title to the same font / position as it was with Text.

It should work but that complication slot will be only usable with the Samsung Weather.

Looks like Samsung Weather latest updated moved temperature to title and added City name as text. Which is… unfortunate? Title should be definitely showing City name, not Temperature. Also, Short Text should not be showing longer texts like City name at all…

City name or longer text in general should be only used in LONG_TEXT complication. I wish I worked for the Samsung development team. This thing can be fixed in minutes :smiley:

Seriously, I cannot understand this change!
This is a huge step backwards that breaks off compatibility with any other app complication!

How can people expect us to make consistent watchfaces, if the very info of complications aren’t displayed consistently!

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HI @amoledwatchfaces,

Yes, if I hide “Text” the degrees are obviously displayed:


However in this way it is completely unusable, because it would only be good for the Weather complications and not for other complications…

I think a quick fix is needed…


And also, we have to consider that not everyone is getting WearOS 4!

What works for WearOS 4 will not work for Wear OS 3!

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Maybe @r.liechty_SDR can forward this to the responsible dev team so it will be noticed and fixed soon.


Yes… this is definitely Samsung Weather app (or FW) issue.

I hope so! Because this is something that cannot wait for another firmware release.

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Similar problem here with the world time

I think the usage patterns of text and title have changed in wear os 4.0. The complications I fixed for WO 4.0 are reversed in lower versions this time… Will this issue be fixed? Or do we have to wait for w4 and w5 to get wear os 4.0 update?