Searched text of text call

I feel like they are just trying to make up stuff to reject themes now. LOL

Searched text of a text call? Does anyone know what this color setting is? TIA

Searched text of text call is poor visibility
***SM-F946B_Phone version:15.1.87
***GTS Ver : 14.1.23w.1

***Pre-condition: Enable ‘Text call’ in Phone’s settings and received an incoming call by ‘Text call’

  1. Apply theme
  2. Phone - Select a recent call having text call - Search a text - Check the search text

This was impossible to test, since the Fold 5 phones in the RTLab will not allow you to enable text calling, much less send that phone a text call in order to perform a search of the text. So I did my best guessing and submitted a revised file and it passed.

For anyone else who receives this error, the box is simply your primary color. The searched text that is highlighted is either the Point text color, or the Search / Input primary color. I changed both since I really didn’t want to have to go through the testing process twice. So one of these colors worked.

I’m disappointed that once again they are using colors differently than anywhere in the GTS. If they had just put the Common / color / text selection area background color behind this text, like we see with any other highlighted text, it would have been fine.

I hope this helps someone.

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