Where are these color parameters from?

I’ve tried a bunch parameters in Common / Color (13.1.10w.1) and none matches. You guys know where are these colors from? Thanks.


First Image the Side bar is i think Button Background color (dark)

Second image i don’t know

Thank you for the suggestion, but it’s not it. I’ve tried it before I posted this. Logically it should be Smart Tips/Background color, but it’s not. A comprehensive style guide for internal dev teams would solved a lot of these issues.

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Does anyone know? I opened a ticket via Seller Portal/Help/Contact Us before lunar new year and haven’t gotten an answer yet. I can’t track the ticket like we used to.

I’ve tried the suggested solutions from Customer Support and none resolves the issue. My reply email returned today as undeliverable, I can only follow up here in the forum.

Also, Messages highlight error isn’t fixed with most current GTS as it should according to the support.

"In case of visibility issues of icons, we recommend you check the transparency of the rejected part.
Basically the option for adjusting transparency is locked, but if you adjust the background and text color at the same time, the option become activated.

If the issue still exist after checking the transparency, please check the way below:
-Common > Controls > Buttons > Button background color
-Common > Action bar > Title text color
-Common > Action bar > Sub title text color
-Common > List > Component Common color

The second issue seems to be fixed by updating the Galaxy Themes Studio in the similar cases.
Please update the Galaxy Themes Studio and extract the APK file again."

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