Searching for a specific audio file in Tizen OS' system files

Hello and first of all, I’m sorry, when this is the wrong place or the wrong topic for such a strange question (also my first post), because I only search for a specific audio file in the system files, that I cannot find. It is the song that plays, when you setup your TV ( Samsung TV Setup Music // 2018 - Present - YouTube ). I actually pulled everything from the system over the sdb command, atleast anything that can be pulled over without any root access and got some nice high quality pictures and a few video test files, but beside from that I didn’t find this one audio file - the song during the setup process.
My TV’s Model Code is: GU75AU8079UXZG
The Tizen OS Version is 6.0

Does someone know where can I find it and (maybe) how I can extract it from like a file archive or something similar, if so?

I thank everyone in advance for any help.

I don’t think it is a published song something synthetically created for Samsung. I believe I heard it at Samsung Developer Conference, it sounds familiar

Samsung Developer Relations