Tizen App Developing issues

I am developing the OTT service for Samsung Smart TV as an app.

Before uploading the app on Tizen, I have some questions.

  1. Can I put a QR image on the ‘App screen shot’ space? With app screenshots that can show the app’s features. I want to do research with that QR code.

  2. We are planning to play All 8K and 4K contents from behind, and possible sources are transmitted depending on the viewer’s Internet environment. Is it possible to do this with AV Player*? What can be a problem?

  3. There is an error that the ‘app description template file’ required when registering the app does not open.


*open source

hello dear can i get your email ?? i need to discuss with you as similar

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  1. usually Samsung is checking the screenshots according to the guidelines. If it does not work they will tell you.
    As an alternative you could also put the qr code on the first screen of your app while first starting.
    Keep in mind that the qr Code needs to be really big, as the tumb nails are quite small.
  2. I have no practical experience with video. Here is a list with supported tv codecs General Specifications | Samsung Developers
  3. you need to create a power point which describes your app. You can find the template in the Verification info of the seller menu. Here you can also upload it.

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Thanks for your help !

I still have a problem with number 3, I had tried downloading it but I wasn’t able to open the file. I guess it has some error. So, if you don’t mind I’d like to get it from you…! Can you send the file(app_description_template) by e-mail please?

My email address is ‘4by4ktkt@gmail.com’.

Best Regards

Hi, it’s ‘4by4ktkt@gmail.com’