"Segmentation Fault" error when changing my app from 5.0 to 4.0 in minimum API version?

My app originally was created by API version 5.0 and it works well on 5.0 emulator.
and it works well on emulator.

I changed my app with API version 4.0 from API 5.0 version in tizen-manifest.xml and I also installed SDK 4.0 in Package Manager and emulator 4.0 version.


I tried to test my new same app with API 4.0 on emulator 4.0 version.
But Visual studio IDE showed the error, “Segmentaion fault” when running as “Release mode” on Emulator 4.0 and it didn’t work anymore.
(In addition, my app works well when running as “Debug mode”.)

The code with “Segmentation Fault” is right the code with “MainPage = new TizenGalaxyYourIPGeoInfo.MainPage();” in function App(), constructor in App.xaml.cs file.

This problem happens only when running as “Release Mode” on emulator, “tizen4.0”.

The full error log are as following:
Loaded ‘[vdso]’. Cannot find or open the symbol file.
Loaded ‘linux-gate.so.1’. Cannot find or open the symbol file.

Segmentation fault

Please let us know how to fix it.
and I attached the captured picture with the logs.

Hello @jae1604879583,

Seems like some the .so files might be missing from your Tizen 4.0 emulator.
You can delete your existing emulator from Tizen Emulator Manager and set up a new one.
Alternatively, you can also try to run your app on a physical or Samsung RTL device.

My app didn’t work and crashed with above “segmentation fault” but as you said, the same app binary, tpk built with "Release mode"works well on tizen 4.0 device (watch) in Samsung RTL page.

Anyway, my app, tpk may seem to be no problematic on real device, I think.