Send file from Watch to Phone via Bluetooth

Is it possible to send a file from a galaxy watch to an android phone without using SAP?

I have found this sample project that does it but seems a bit stale:

The GitHub docs seem relatively up-to-date.

Binary data - tizen-docs/ at master · Samsung/tizen-docs · GitHub

Connect + exchange - tizen-docs/ at master · Samsung/tizen-docs · GitHub

Does anyone have a minimal example of sending a string as a text file from the watch to an android phone? Eg: { file: ‘some_file.txt’, text: ‘hello world’ }

Thank you very much in advance.

Cheers, Gui

Pair and connect your devices before transferring files via Bluetooth . Confirm that the Bluetooth device of the receiving end supports the format of the file.

Thanks, I can tell that much from the code samples I have listed in my 1st post.

I am looking for a code sample that does that; a simple .txt from the watch to the mobile via bluetooth.

Using tizen’s webapis; no SAP, as I do not want to write an Android app just to do such a thing.

Never mind, it was easier to use Mailjet and base64 the file and send it through HTTP/Post via email.