How can I send text value from phone to watch without additional android app?

I was reading about SAP, I checked almost all samples from Tizen Studio and I can’t see any options for sending text values from phone to watch app without additional Android app. Can I make something like in Messages or Weather apps have in Gear Wearable app?

For example in weather app I can change settings from Gear Wearable app level. Can I do that for my watch app?

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You have a couple of options for watch X mobile integration.

  1. Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP)
    Galaxy Watch for Tizen | Samsung Developers

  2. Push Notification
    tizen-docs/ at master · Samsung/tizen-docs · GitHub

  3. Bluetooth
    tizen-docs/ at master · Samsung/tizen-docs · GitHub

  4. Use HTTP
    Send an HTTP POST from the mobile app to “your cloud server” store it in a database. (mobile)
    Send an HTTP GET from the watch app to “your cloud server” retrieving the data stored in your database (watch).

You didn’t read my post, didn’t you? I want make this as simple as possible, without any Android additional app. Also I don’t want to use any external server, because this data is sensitive.

Maybe this? Setting Project Properties | Tizen Docs
You’ll have to give it a go and see if it is what you are after though.
I could not find any samples in their docs/samples pages.

You never specified that this is not an option on your post.
Also, are you saying that HTTPS is not good enough?

Not going to buy into this, I will read it as “thank you, but…” :wink:
Good luck with your project.

I will check this, thank you.

Maybe it will be enough, but passing passwords to another application by an external server may not be welcome.

Sorry about that :wink: And thank you :smiley:

Not sure if a possibility but what about an OTP code instead of the user password?
There are other apps that do exactly the same, hope this helps.

To be precise, I need send to watch app URL and accessToken, so this is more complicated, but I will try figure out something,

Hey, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while too… unfortunately I didn’t find anything to do so…
The “closest” idea I found was some apps on galaxy store (“GoURL” and “Contacts Exporter”), take a look on how they work (the screenshots), I really like their idea, but I still didnt find a way to implement that… I not even know if they use web application or native… anyway, I hope it can be helpfull (a bit at least hahaha)…
If you figure it out, let me know, pls.

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Does the Bluetooth idea help you?