Service Application example not working


I am following this guide to create a Web Service Application on wearable: Link

If you scroll all the way down, it says “Dependencies Tizen 5.5 and Higher for Wearable”, so I assume this must be working on wearables as well.

However, when I copy & paste the code into Tizen Studio and run on Tizen 5.5 Emulator, I get the following error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token *

which references this line in the code:

import * as service from 'wrt:service';

Anyone know how to fix this?
It seems like it is not possible to run a service apps on wearables after all??

Hi, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here

Thanks for the tip. I asked the questson there. After 1.5 months still awaiting answer…