SHealth v1.5 SDK - Work threads on connect never calling back

Hi all,

I have been tasked to upgrade for my given app the SDK version for Samsung Health from V1.3 to V1.5.

I had to do a few different updates:

Removed HealthDataService initialize

  • Consume AAR as apposed to JDK

The problem overview:

The HealthDataStore when connect called within an Activity, no problems at all, I am able to query permissions.

  • The exact same code from a worker thread (Async syncing), the logs stipulate HealthDataStore connected like you see in the Activity but the connection listener is never called.
  • I am unsure if there is a syncing problem from background worker threads?

Hi vincentreid,

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Samsung Health SDK requires partnership with Samsung Health. You can contact with technical support team regarding your issue.

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