Samsung Health not pushing any data to Health Connect

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I see that Samsung has an option to connect via Health Connect in the app but I never see any data from Samsung Health in there. I’m assuming this is a bug. I also noticed every time I click the Health Connect button in settings, it removes all the permission for Samsung Health so that seems not ideal as well. Anyone else have any advice or experiencing this as well?

What do yo mean by Health Connect app? Do you mean Samsung Health app?

There are several blog tutorials created in 2022 that should help you get started.

This one on Handling Fitness Goals Using Health Services may be useful to you.

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The blog posts don’t really reference the Health Connect integration which is what I am asking about. See here: Health Connect API

As far as I know Samsung doesn’t have documentation on this and I’ve been working with a developer through the support channel to fix issues I’m seeing such as permissions randomly dropping and no data being passed from Samsung Health into Health Connect.


Yes as far as I know there is no process for Samsung Health into Health Connect that wouldn’t really make sense to me.

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There should be as there is a Health Connect button in the Samsung Health settings that leads to the permissions screen for Health Connect.

I tried it, installed Health Connect, set permission to allow Samsung Health. went back to settings and it connected to Samsung Health…
But it is not going to share information with Samsung Health what issue are you having?

Please understand I am not a Health app developer so I just need the information so I can forward it to the Health development team.

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It should be pushing data to Health Connect (it has write access) but it is not. I am working with a Health Development team member via developer support I mostly wrote this forum post to see if other Health devs were experiencing this as they are having a hard time replicating (though it sounds like you replicated right away with not getting data into Health Connect)


thanks for the education. I just know a bit about Samsung Health API and this helps me to help others.

for what it is worth when I did allow permission to share wot Health connect the data on my GW5 Pro app Daily Activity no longer worked it zero’d out.

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