"Small Image" complication issues

Hello Everyone,

FYI, I noticed that if I use the “Small Image” complication and select “App Shortcuts”, some app icons are not displayed on watch faces

For example: Maps, Calculator apps.

The image remains blank.


Hi Matteo,

Could you please share the exact reproduction steps of this issue?

Thank you.

Hi @Jakia.Sultana,



I create a watch face with two “Small Image” complications and set “App Shortcuts”.

On watch face it will look like this:


I select the first shorcuts, Bixby in this example:


The Bixby icon will appear like this on watch face:


I then select another shortcut, Calculator in this example:


The icon is not displayed on the watch face, like this:


So I try to select another shortcut, Calendar in this example:


Icon displayed correctly:


Some icons are not displayed correctly.

At the moment I have found that “Calculator” and “Maps” are not displayed, but maybe there are others.


Hi Matteo,
Can you tell me what tool you are using to check watch face like the pictures above you can do? I tried but they don’t work as what you describe. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere.

Hi there,

are screenshots from Galaxy Watch 4.


Hi Matteo,

Please report this issue as a bug from Connect > Developer Support.

Thank you.

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Hi Matteo, did they confirm it will be fixed in the next update? If so, I’ll wait for the update.

This is the bug, Dropbox - 20210902_152016.mp4 - Simplify your life

Hi John,

I sent the request and they said they would forward it to the WFS team. They didn’t tell me anything else.


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Hi Matteo and John,

This issue is caused by Application, not WFS. Application needs to support all data for ‘Small Image’ Complication, but Maps and Calculator are not supported fully in case of ‘App Shortcut’ of ‘Small Image’ Complication. So these apps have to be improved for ‘Small Image’ Complication. As these apps are 3rd party apps so right now we can’t do anything.

Currently, there is no workaround for this issue. I will let you know if I get further update from WFS dev team.

Thank you,

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Hello Jakia,

Thank you for the insights. I hope Samsung and Google would require 3rd party app to update their apps with Small Image complication. Because this feature truly brings UX to another level where users can customizes shortcuts they frequently use, instead of designers guess what are the most frequently used app shortcuts. Without update mandate from Samsung and Google, this powerful feature can’t be applied.

Thank you for your feedback.
I will share your feedback with respective team.



Our development team has analyzed this issue with Google again. This issue will be fixed in WFS. This fix will be released in the next version of WFS.

Thank you.