Smart TV certificaate issue


For normal Smart TV’s

The creating Certificate Documentation is on this page

Author Certificates tell the Smart TV Seller Office who you are
The Distributor Certificates tell an individual TV that it is OK to install on that TV and only that devices DUID
You can have many more Device IDs in your distributor list

To run on a Samsung TV you must be the Samsung Tizen Distributor certificate not the certificate.
When you upload to the store Samsung replaces your Distributor Certificate with Samsung. That is probably what you are thinking of as default and there is no way that is available.

B2B and Hospitality and Signage have different requirements and you need to ask for help for those from the Smart TV Seller Office.

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:grinning: :grinning:Thank you very much, the problem can be solved by using the certificate you provided, but why can’t the certificate I created myself, it is very strange, the distributor certificate created according to the official document has only a 1-year period, (Creating Certificates | Samsung Developers),
Is it convenient to provide the method you created? thank you very much


Can we share the same author and distributor certificate which has been generated using the Samsung certificate to the other developers and use it for the development purposes?

yes, FUBIL008 that was my point.
I was curious about how bob’s distributor certificate will be expiring in 2027 and can be used for any device.
I’m able to create Samsung Tizen certificate but with DUIDs and expiration day 1 year from now.
What is the secret behind bob’s long term certificate :slight_smile:

You can share the Author Certificate (Businesses do that all the time) but the Distributor Certificate is linked to a device (and I think computer) so unless they are testing on your device you would need to add the DUID to the list of devices manually.

The distributor license is purely for running on a device it is replaced when you submit to a store.

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I think Bob is a different class of Smart TV developer. B2B, Signage, hospitality developers are different and there may be other internal types.

Samsung Developer Relations

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thanks Ron, this explanation makes sense

Is there any limit for the number of DUID that we can add while we are generating a certificate?

Thank you so much for the info.

50 Devices.
From the certificate documentation

  • When you need to register devices that are more than 10, upload a txt file using Import a DUID list file menu. One DUID on a line and max 50 DUIDs are available.

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