Smart TV certificaate issue

Hi, I been developing a smart tv web aplication and always have been able to install and debug in my TV. For some reason today that I wanted to debug in the TV it is always showing “Check certificate error : :Invalid signature. Signed with wrong key, changed signature file or changed package file.:<-4>” even with an empty basic project. I already create a new certificate but the issue does not seems to fix. I also try deleting and re installing tizen studio from scratch but does not seem to make any change.

Does anyone know what may be the issue?

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I am also facing this problem today.

Samsung Distribution certificate has renewed today. it was suppose to expire on 27th october.
you need to create a new certificate in cert manager and use it to deploy the app.

i was getting same error today and renewing cert fixed it.

Often when the software is updated you need to generate new Distributor Certificate but there were other reports of this last week.

The error -12 is when they time out trying to install on the TV and that is usually a incorrect or missing certificate error but can also be a not connecting error for example the TV is not in Developer Mode.

If you are able to generate a Distributor Certificate and are in Developer Mode then check the TV Seller Store FAQ and Q/A and if there isn’t help there submit the Q/A

I hope this helps

Samsung Developer Relations

I solved this problem by creating a new certificate for my TV. You can use the manual Creating Development Certificates for Samsung Tizen TVs – / - we are interested in the manual “Consumer Display Steps”

Hi all,

We also encountered this issue today. We will check for the new tizen-distributor-certificate provided by the Certificate Manager.

Yet, our worry is: is it expected that all current installations will stop working ? Or, will this certificate change will only impact new (and updated) installation ?

Thanks for your feedback

I tried creating a new certificate but it always return the same error. Did you found how to renew the distribution certificate?

Do you know where does the new tizen-distributor-certificate can be download? The one I have it always shows expire date has 10/27/2022.
And those are very good questions, I would belive this certificate change will impact the new updates, because all the other ones are already in store, but I am not sure.

I just created a new Consumer Display Steps certificate as in the instructions on the link indicating my Samsung account and the DUID of the TV. And it worked for me, as an application developer, I was able to connect to my application via the IDE to SmartTV. Distribution certificate I just specified in the option when creating the certificate.

And now my certificate that I created yesterday is available for exactly one year.

If this doesn’t work for you, I think you should write to Samsung support with a request to provide you with a new certificate instead of the one that ends on 10.27.

As a long-time developer, I now have the exact same problems as you with installing apps and renewing certificates. Is there a workable solution now?

In my case of me, I changed the emulator date to that
Right click on the emulator → Control Panel → Menu → Clock → manual-> Date
I changed it to 10/28/2022 and the issue was solved.
I changed it by 10/27/2022 and the issue still occurs.
I think that the about 10/27 date may be the last date
Anyway, please change the date and then try to test it again

deleted, issue fixed by replacing new distributor cert

Unzip the attached cert and then follow the instructions in the pdf. I also updated Tizen Studio after adding the new cert.

Guideline_distributor certificate_221025a.pdf (322.0 KB) (5.8 KB)


Yes, creating a new certificate fix the issue. But you need to create a Samsung certificate instead of samsung to allow to creata a distributor certificate.

Thank you all for the help

Thank you bob-lang!

Is there a guide I can follow to generate my own distributor certificate?

Felix, I believe that’s something specific to samsung that only they have the ability to create.

Hi @bob-lang , I’ve created a new tizen certificate profile and added the distributor certificate that has been provided by you and followed the same steps but still not able to install the application in the TV. Can you please provide a link where I can find a proper way to generate a tizen certificate profile.

@tharunkoti I basically just followed the pdf that I attached.

Did you create a new Tizen cert or samsung cert, I think it needs to be a samsung cert now for this. I also updated Tizen Studio afterwards, so try that.

You replaced your current dist cert with the one attached?

Yeah I’ve updated the current dist cert with your cert.
I’ve updated the Tizen Studio and tried with this but still facing the same issue. Created a Samsung cert that is also not working.
Can i create a certificate with an existing Author and change the dist cert?

hey, where did you get this cert file and pdf?
i would like to create it on my own

[EDIT] I can create custom one with specific DUIDs but it will be easier if i could have default one