Smooth animation on y-axis?

I would like to animate an object (say a circle shape) smoothly from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen with the y-position field. Is there an expression/formula that could achieve this?

Many thanks in advance…

It depends on your definition of Smooth. You can use msec tag on the position. But I don’t know how often the screen refresh is. Animations are 15 frames per second

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Thanks so much for the reply - yes, 15fps probably is not that smooth…

I was playing around with this, but with a straight line reveal smoothly. Trying to use a progress bar with 0% colour on the background, and the progress was set by SEC, slowly revealing an image underneath. Still working on it though but might give you an idea.
The SECOND index has a sweep function I might try something with that.

Hello @swsung - thanks so much for your reply to this topic. Did you manage to come up with a good code snippet?

Hi @andi-sf ,
No I couldn’t get a smooth animation.
What I did was add a Linear Progress Bar, and change the dimensions to cover my object. Then I set the Range Value of the bar to be 0 (with a Tag Exprerssion “-[SEC]”, and the Min Value is -60 and Max Value is 0.
This causes the bar to move left to right, but a section is revealed every second.

EDIT, I got it to run smoothly by using “-[SEC_MSEC]” in the Tag Expression


Thanks so much for the code snippet + info - very helpful!