Tag Advice - X Placement By Seconds

I am seeking advice on using a tag expression for a couple of images. One is a 60 px wide image which will be made to move across the watch, from X Position = -60 to X = 360, and only from 0 seconds to 20 seconds. This formula seems to be fine:


Now I have another image of 100 px wide, sitting to the right of the watch face, at X Position = 360, and I want this image to move in the opposite direction, from right to left, and only starting at the 30 seconds mark through 50 seconds.

But this formula has the larger image moving right to left starting at 0 seconds, rather than 30 seconds:


How do I get the larger image to only cross the watch face starting at 30 seconds?

Hi @dlo1579881831,
Take a look at this ([s]>30)*360-(([s]-30)*38), I just added a little to your expression. It may fulfil your requirement. Please let me know if it works.


Thanks, Azad, that gets me a lot closer to the effect.

Hi, I am not sure but, guess you would like the image to stay outside screen until [s] <=30 then during following 20 s move it 360 pixels of screen width plus 100pixels of its own width to the left, so it lands outside again. Thats 460px/20s=23px/s. For that there would be 360 in the x coord field plus expression like ([s] >30)*(30-[s])*23

Thanks, Peter, that has refined the movement I am looking for.