[solved] I met a problem while sending usdt with intent


I am implementing samsungblockchain sdk wrapper for react native. I success get account, get balance.

But, I have a problem… with sending usdt. I checked aero wallet and implemented sending usdt with intent.

Have you ever meet the error? Could you give me some insight or help?


Once I added it, I solved the error. Thanks.

// Kotlin
implementation "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:1.3.50"

implementation "io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxjava:2.2.8"
implementation "io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxandroid:2.1.1"
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Thank you for sharing the solution with the Developer Community.

++ for the imports/Gradle config you can refer to the ‘getting-started’ section of the SDK.