Forums are missing category Galaxy Watch/Wear OS

So we have a category in the forum called “Galaxy Watch for Tizen”

In 2 days new watches are released and there are bound to be questions.
We probably need another category soon,“Galaxy Watch for Wear OS” or similar.

Android app development is discussed in Android community because they use Android Studio.

There is a Watch Face Studio category in the community because Samsung designed that tool.

This is the same methodology used for Android Mobile Development only Samsung SDKS are discussed in this community.

Samsung Developer Relations

So there are no Samsung SDKs or developer reachable implementation specifics to discuss regarding Watch4 running Wear OS? That sounds good. Sounds clean. :slightly_smiling_face:
Less to worry about when supporting the new device.

I’ll reuse this thread if there are device-specific problems related to Galaxy Watch4 when I update my Wear OS apps for it soon. Optimizing bezel control in games etc… (For my own needs I just hope the bezel is recognized as a Wear OS Rotary Input)


So, I had no problems with reading bezel data. For any developer writing apps for Galaxy Watch 4 I can recommend the use of the following up-to-date non-deprecated snippet:

But for the Back Key on Galaxy Watch 4, I do not get any KEYCODE_STEM_(1,2,3) onkeyDown event, as described in

@r.liechty_SDP I don’t know how to, from my app, access the Back Key on my new Galaxy Watch 4. It might be by design, but I would like to have a Samsung developer confirm it either way. Can I file a bug report somewhere for this or can we have a Samsung Official developer answer directly here?