Steps to do in Play Store

Hey guys,

Can we please ask for someone to share the steps they use when uploading to the playstore.

It is a bit all over the place and confusing to say the least. Just want to make sure we are not missing something, or slowing down the process by leaving things out.

Would be much appreciated.

Try this thread especially the 7th and 9th response

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Thanks Ron, will have a look

I’m sort of working through it but I’m also a bit confused by how it works.

Here’s what I’ve done in Google Console…

  1. I’ve created an app and added icon, feature image and store blurb into the ‘Main Store Listing’ part of Google Console
  2. I’ve created a closed-test track (under Testing/Closed Testing), setting myself as the only tester as I don’t know anyone else with a GW4(!), and uploaded my aab into it (I think I could have alternatively selected an Open test track if I had preferred)
  3. I’ve gone into Set-up/Advanced Settings/Release types and added a Wear OS release - which requires me to have done step 2.

The Release type now says “In review” - so I assume I have to await the review outcome which I guess may take a couple of days.
Wear OS in review

I’ve made sure to mention Wear OS in the short description of my watchface - not doing this can result in review failure I believe.

But I’m confused by the “Graphics” section of the “main Store Listing” in Google Console.
I’ve assumed that I should not upload any images into the Phone or Tablet sections, as my watchface isn’t built for these platforms.

Once I’d added the Wear OS release type, a Wear OS subsection has appeared in the Graphics section of the main store listing. The text under this section says upload images 9:16 or 16:9 aspect ratio and I’m assuming that these will be the images that are displayed in the Play Store listing for the watch face. I have a set of marketing images for this which contain info on buttons, features and shortcuts etc.

However, this link states that the Wear OS screenshots should be 1:1 aspect ratio and not include anything but the app interface (below).

At the moment, I have both my marketing images and a couple of actual 1:1 screenshots uploaded into the Wear OS screenshots section of the Main Store Listing section.

I think I am missing something. Maybe my Marketing shots should go into the phone/tablet section and the screenshots of the watchface into the Wear OS section?

What have others done?


I don’t understand the paragraph “don’t frame your screenshots in a Wear OS Hardware device”

Does it mean, that I must not show the watch face on the real Watch?

It says not in a Wear OS Hardware Device (brick test device)
The previous line says to at at least one Watch Screen shot.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks Ron,

But surely a Galaxy Watch 4 is also a “Wear OS Hardware device”. How else would you define it?
And…they ask for screenshots with a 1:1 aspect ratio, but the Store Page wants 16:9 aspect ratio images.
And…they say no text and graphics - so how are they supposed to be marketed?

I’m just a bit frustrated with the lack of information.

What we could do with is an example process that someone has actually been through to get a watch into production, which steps are optional, and which are mandatory. For example, I’m not sure I need to use a test track - perhaps I could just put it straight on the production track, but the documentation suggests otherwise.

I’m sure everything will mature over time, but it’s just a bit frustrating right now!



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Developer Relations is planning on doing this but most focus is on the Samsung Developer’s Conference at this time. Also since things seem to be fluctuating a lot it is probably better to just use this discussion board for a few more months.

Samsung Developer Relations