Suggested changes for searching the Galaxy Themes App

Hello Themes Forum!

I love my new A20, and I love the concept of the Themes App (in fact with my design background, I think I might try my hand at creating some :slight_smile:

But searching the Theme store is an arduous task.

If I search “Animated”, it seems that only themes where authors might have added a tag “animated” show up, so when searching “animated” only about half are actually “animated”. And really I don’t care if they are “animated” or “video”, i just want motion graphics, having two separate designations for motion graphics seems superfluous.

I’d like to be able to simply search for themes with “motion” graphics. And they shouldn’t be relying on the author to put a tag, the search should search for themes that have an actual video example in their gallery.

Next “NEW”
If you want to keep people coming back to the Galaxy Themes app, you should give them a way to check and see what new content/themes has been added, if I search new, again it seems to rely on tag words that the authors have added to their description, and not a hard coded definition of what is actually new. Some of what shows up is labeled new, but quite a lot isnt. If I knew there was a way to see what new themes had just been added, I’d check regularly. As it stands now, the “new” search doesn’t give me confidence that I’m truly searching new content.

“Free” and “New to You!”
Being a new user, I’m not used to paying for themes, it’ll take me a while to get comfortable with that idea, until then I’ll be searching for “Free”. RIght now you have to go to “Top” then type “Free” which provides a seemingly ENDLESS list of themes, and with no progress bar, number, etc, I have no idea what I’ve looked at and what I haven’t, so when I go back to look at the same search, i have to scroll for literally 10 minutes before I find themes I haven’t seen before. Some kind of progress bar, or maybe a highlighted background that signals that “you haven’t seen these yet” or “pick up where you left off” would be extremely helpful.

I’d like to be able to further break down the “FREE” search to “FREE Motion Themes”, so really I’m asking to add filters to the search. And “Free” shouldn’t have to be typed, it should be a menu option, then the user should be able to add filters e.g., Motion, nature, dark, etc, things that will not only reference the actual characteristics of the themes, but also utilize the tags that the authors have added.

In conclusion:
I’m honestly so frustrated by the browsing process of the app, I’ve resorted to doing google searches for “best Samsung Themes 2020” in hopes that someone else has dug through the thousands of choices. And hey it’s great to have choices, but like I mentioned earlier in this monologue, it’s impossible to know where you left off searching the last time you had 10 minutes to endlessly scroll.

I’ve basically given up searching, and I don’t usually go for the most popular listed on the home page of the app, because hey, I’d like to think that I’m a little more original than the next person.

Thanks for listening!!


Good news. Samsung Developer Program works with the Galasxy Theme Store on many things and I will forward your comments to the Director of the Galaxy Theme Store so you will be heard.

The bad news is that this is a Developer/Designer forum and end user questions and suggestions disrupt those discussion as they tend to get out of hand. Therefore I’ll have to remove this thread in a few days.

Samsung Developer Program


I really appreciate the response! And I completely understand why the post will be removed. If there’s another forum where such post are better suited I’d be happy to find out.

Otherwise, if the Galaxy Theme Store might be interested in someone with previous software testing experience, I’d love to work with them.

Thanks again for your assistance with my feedback, and have a great week!


Hi David,

Just so you know that the Galaxy Theme store manager did respond to me and said that some of the issues you were concerned about are being addressed but it may be sometime to get them into the store.

Samsung Developer Program

Ron, I do appreciate the update, thanks very much, and I look forward to posting here more.