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Hi guys,
Does anyone know how many new designers were approved? How this works? It looks like my sales and downloads are affected. -42% in the latest 180 days.
I think Samsung has to be more careful and check and approve the quality not the quantity .

@burzocipri the thing here is not new designers, but big old “partner” spammers copanies that somehow manage to get approved a dozen themes a day meanwhile we independent designers get approved 1 or 2 a week with little to none tech support.
They don’t even design, instead they subcontract cheap designers. And they always are in the front page of the themes store

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Zero new designers were approved since August 2022

  • August 11 - August 24 (End of recruitment)

Notification We are preparing a new theme designer operation policy.
It will be announced again around June 2023.
Thank you for your understanding.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thanks for info…understood.

Yes, that’s bad, I created a theme, a single theme and it was rejected 6 times, I upload that again, a new version of Studio Theme is released and my theme is rejected again. :grinning:

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Samsung approved a hundred or so new Sellers just prior to stopping the process (see Top Designer list) however they aren’t the problem. It is extremely hard for new Sellers to get themes approved, I mean, look at the problems we experienced Sellers have! The top commercial sellers do create great content in my opinion. The problem is with the spammers such as YY who have been spamming for ages now. I just looked and they have 120 new themes and 160 new wallpapers, all using 3rd party wallpapers. That is 280 NEW apps that were tested. I thought sellers had to create their own work?

So Samsung reviewers are spending the majority of their time checking spam content. Which means we only get one or two approvals a month. And with the phony rejections, resubmitted themes can take a couple of months to be approved.


Yes, I agree with what has been said here. This significant drop in sales number actually happens regularly, from time to time. Pretty often I can see a direct connection with the paid advertising that is offered to Samsung partners exclusively (so their banners grab all attention), but sometimes it’s impossible to explain. But in any case, it definitely has nothing to do with the newbies, as apart from getting their content rejected mutiple times in a row they also struggle to get noticed from the marketing standpoint.
You may ask why they ever keep continiously recruiting more and more people then? Well, that’s a question that none of the stakeholders wants to answer. And even though they temporary suspended the recruitment, it’s still relevant.


Now I understand, thanks for info, I hope that Samsung team will receive our feedback :grin:

If you notice the the note that was issued last year said
We are preparing a new theme designer recruitment policy.
and now it says
We are preparing a new theme designer operation policy.

I don’t know what that means it may just be a clarification for translation but it was a change.

Samsung Developer Relation

The best of all would be a limited release of themes per day :wink: LG did it, now Huawei do it too.


That could be a really good and healthy option.

I didn’t notice this change, but I hope this new operation policy will enforce some measures toward quality over quantity, ans not just another round of IP paranoia.

Because like seriously, this endless flood of low-quality spam not only ruins all efforts of the designers producing premium content, but first and most it takes too much resources of the reviewers team. For instance, one tricky guy creates themes by only replacing wallpapers and icons (the same set or two for everything) and since he doesn’t need to modify anything else and all his images is a poorly upscaled AI generated content, he throws them out like a popcorn machine. Another spammer is doing a bit more job by adding at least colors and customizing dialpad, but by obviously subcontracting third-party freelancers, for just last two weeks (the time you can see the label “new” on the product) he delivered 304 themes, 324 wallpapers and 328 looking-alike icons sets! That’s more than I have ever produced in all my 5 years working full-time on the theme market, lol! :sweat_smile:

So who said new designers are a problem? Definitely not. Therefore Samsung might safely continue recruitment, but introduce a higher standards and strict anti-spam policies. That’s all that we actually need in first place.


These spammers as @ol1 mentions set the release date to be the highest selling day of the week or month.

I will pass your message on to the Store ops team.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thank you. I think the best option is it to keep it fair for all, is a limited per day or general per week. Many Designers are self employed and work hard for 1 theme, other companys has a pool of designers and thats the different, they can publish 100 and more themes per day, while a single person designer, maybe can publish 1 per day.

And of course, the low quality should be stopped.

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That’s an interesting topic. A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

Professional graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques. They use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience. Professional graphic designers also have a thorough understanding of production and rendering methods, such as drawing, photography, and time-based and interactive media.

Low quality graphic design, on the other hand, is the opposite of professional graphic design. It is a design that does not fulfill its purpose, does not communicate the message clearly or effectively, does not have a good visual hierarchy or layout, does not use appropriate typography or images, does not consider the audience or the media channel, and does not follow the principles of color theory or design aesthetics. Low quality graphic design may also be the result of copying or plagiarizing other people’s works without giving proper credit or permission.

Professional graphic design vs low quality graphic design can be compared on several criteria, such as:

  • Functionality: Does the design achieve its goal and solve the problem?
  • Readability: Is the text legible and easy to understand?
  • Usability: Is the design user-friendly and intuitive?
  • Originality: Is the design unique and creative?
  • Relevance: Is the design suitable for the context and the audience?
  • Quality: Is the design polished and well-executed?

Based on these criteria, professional graphic design should score higher than low quality graphic design in terms of effectiveness, appeal, and value.

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Yes but you know what is interesting? That the spammed content (themes) or icons from the companies will be in front of our ,polished, and well designed content. There should be like an algorithm to sort the good content from the bad one. I think some content should be limited, or get approval for only 1 content/day or /week …Idk…
We started a serious topic here… hehe

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Nothing new here :frowning:

Been the same for years

The Korean notice, at least google-translating it, says about “recruitment and operation” policy, which still implies a recruitment process. The English and Chinese (translated in the same way) mention only the “operation”. Not sure what it means, just thought it worth pointing it out. Of course that the already accepted designers will want to keep the system closed, ideally with some extra rules that will help them further. Totally normal.

My guess is that, given the very long time until the announcement, it involves a decision process and nothing is yet been decided. We don’t know what problem(s) had triggered the forthcoming change: poor overall/average quality of the designs, too many resources needed for the review process, too many resources needed to maintain the theme studio or themes in general, poor quality of the OS updates in regards to the themes, lack of interest from the users, a shift towards Google’s services. It would be useful (for us) to know what are the problems they want to address; probably not even mentioned by me.


I do not think Samsung should be a judge of what is good or bad theme design that should be the buyers choice. So much is cultural what is popular in Asia may not be in the US and Europe may be something entirely different.

Would limiting the New themes to one per seller be helpful as well as limiting the number of releases per week?



Would limiting the New themes to one per seller be helpful as well as limiting the number of releases per week?[/quote]

Yes, oh yes! :sunglasses:

First and most, it will make spammers think twice before posting multiple copy-pasted content where only one image has been changed. Cause now they will have to choose and upload the best product first and refrain from cloning.
Second, it will force the rest of the sellers also be more mindful about their content, so now they have enough time and a good opportunity to create, polish and thoroughly test one high quality theme, instead of shooting twenty so-so ones.
Third, it will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the workload of the reviewers team what automatically means speeding up the testing and publishing process.
Fourth, I can speak only for myself, but in a long run I figured out that a very high number of content DOES NOT help to increase sales. Not at all. There is surely a difference between having 5 themes and 100 themes, yet at some point this curve will start flattening. Alas.
So if some designers want to learn it the hard way by wasting their own resources - no problem, I don’t mind. But in the process they also waste reviewers, developers support and buyers resources, who need to dig out through many thousands of rapid ‘wallpaper-only’ rubbish in a hope to find something more solid and descent. That’s in my opinion is totally unacceptable and introducing both types of limits will help it a lot!