What Do You Think About the Growing Restrictions on Themes?

More UI customization have been restricted over the last couple releases, UI feature such as custom fonts, Message bubble shape, Action Bars and other UI elements. The only customization can be done on them is color change. With S20 releases, keyboard customization is now restricted to color changes only as well.

This seems to be a trend with each new release. By keeping every themes within OneUI design language, all themes will eventually look the same with variation of icons, wallpapers and color schemes. If all themes on Theme Store have similar styling, then revenue will suffer.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Completely agree with these points, we need decent amount of theming options so we can ad our creativity in the theme. last few years we have lost way to many good theming areas removed and we are force to adapt the same and with every release we have to keep the new change with an update
Ultimately the limitations are not allowing us to be unique and more and more themes are coming with just hex code edits

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I fully agree that the lack of the features will result in similarity in themes but hear me out. This could be better in the way that it restricts some let’s just call them “crazy” designs which makes the UI not even look like an UI, so for this I’m glad. But I believe they can add new stuff. Perhaps a themed dark mode and light mode, or animated wallpapers in homescreen could make themes more diverse.

Just like the Watch Faces store which has some…“not so good” designs. Market demand will take care of those designs as lack of purchases will eliminate them naturally.

New features are always welcome. We just need to be careful not fall into the same cookie cutter look.