Sunrise/Sunset Complication

I am trying to find a way of adding a Sunrise complication.
I pick Short Text from Add Component, then from default provider, I choose Sunrise/Sunset in the drop menu, it defaults to a Sunset time how do I change it show the Sunrise time.


Get Ready to slap your forehead…
After Sunset it changes to Sunrise :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron.
I would have liked to have shown both at the same time either side of the watchface. Is there any work around for this.
Thanks for your help.

Sunrise and Sunset are a weather function (since position north south east and west all matter) and WFS does not have Tags for weather.
The complications are created by 3rd party developer and you’d need someone to design a complication for you that shows that data or just have a tap action that opens a weather App.

Samsung Developer Relations