Suspending all applications

Several dozen applications were removed from publication and blocked, before that, applications went through several stages of verification many times with each update and everything was fine.

The reason that was indicated in our opinion does not correspond to reality, no additional explanations were given, no specifics.

Reason] Usability problem

  • Application Distribution Guide:
    1.2 Ease of use
    1.2.1 Applications must be valuable, entertaining, unique or informative.
    1.2.2 Applications must be unique in function and design. It is not allowed to submit several similar applications.
    1.2.3 Applications should not contain an excessive amount of advertising, web clippings, links to websites or videos that impair usability.

There is no excessive amount of advertising in our applications, as for uniqueness, there are no links to similar applications in the report at all, of course our applications are valuable, they support the maximum number of smartphones and besides work well.
Web clippings are also missing, links to videos are also missing. The only one game has a link to the feedback form.

I ask you to understand this situation with explanations of what we need to do to return all applications to the store, thank you.


The review team is really cracking down on apps because there have been a lot of complaints and the store wants to have the highest standards.

They send a video that will show the specific issues. Correct them and resubmit with a note saying that you have addressed all the issues.

The store will not reply to any disagreement with the reviewers.

If you want to open a developer support request it will probably be assigned to me. Attach the video so I can see the video and let you know the specific issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

How about with your app ?
Can you update or register new application ?

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