Tab A7 Lite Unable to play Amazon Music UltraHD

Hi. I bought this tablet Tab A7 Lite this weekend because I wanted to make an upgrade from my Lenovo 10.4. I mainly use it for streaming music (Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD) thru an Ifi Zen DAC, which supports a lot of audio codecs and sample rates up to 96 Khz and 32 bit/rate, but I noticed, after activate the LDAC codec, the tablet displayed sample rates up to 96Kz and bit sample rates up to 32 bits in the developer options, but is not able to play the Amazon Music beyond 44.1 Khz and 16 bits. My question is: Is this table unable to play music beyond this settings, although is possible to choose them in the development options? What else could I do?

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues.

I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

Samsung Developer Community

Good night Ron. Thanks for your response.
I posted it in the developer forum because Samsung support told me to do that. At the end, neither Samsung support or Samsung Developer could give me an answer and solve the problem.
That is what is really disrupted!!!


Try opening a Samsung Developers Support Request They may be able to help you but it can be a slow process.

I wish I had a solution maybe they can help. Hopefully they won’t send you back here. I’ll let your question stand in hopes someone sees it and knows an answer.