Tag Expression for Placement By Minute?

Would anyone have an example of a tag expression for moving a text object? I am wondering how to make a text object’s placement change based on the minute value.

As an example, a text might be set at x=122 and y=200. Whenever the minute is between 50 and 59, I want the Y to become 196. How do I craft the expression?


Note there are two values for the element coordinates. the fixed part plus the field for expressions. So if you want to change the position from y=200 to y=196 and keep the number 200 in the fixed part field, then the expression need to count only for the difference. Like ([m]>49?(-4):0) or 0-([m]>49)*4.

Thanks, Peter, that works quite well! Had tried but just couldn’t find a clear example of a basic placement tag. So the ending zero in the expression signifies the ‘else’ condition, which is y’s hard-coded 200 px setting?

Its just play with numbers. Does not matter how you split the values, main thing is, that you are aware of it. The first part of value may also be 0, but it defines where will you see the element in the working preview. You can use then expression like ([m]>49?196:200), but that could be confusing in relation to other elements in the working preview.