Tag Expression day of the week

Got a little familiair with the use of the tag expression, but for some reason i’m unable to use the day of the week tag expression [e]. The value 1 equals 8 (like the steps counts ) is not working for the days of the week. Can somebody please help me out?

It depends on what are you trying to do.
Tag [e] has values from 1 to 7 according day of the week, Sunday equals 1 and Saturday 7
The ICU format e also gives values 1 to 7, but 1 can be Sunday same as Monday, depending on language set for the text field.

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I wish to create a pointer with a seconds hand and i use a seconds hand for every day of the week. With the tag expresion i want to let the ‘pointer’ show up on the current day of the week according to the calender.

Just create the second hand and sync with Day of Week no need to use tags. This will work for all countries.

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Thank you Ron, but then I can only make it going in cirkels. I want it in a straight line from left to right. I will use the example the other things are to hard for me.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Hi, look in the attached example (rename the file from .zip to .gwd)
2TestAgain (2).zip (2.2 MB)

Thank you Peter! thats exactly what I was looking for. I will try to figure out what you used to get this and how you have done it. Again thank you so much.

You are welcome. Just ask if something is not clear.

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