What is the expression?

Hi, I need help please. I wanted to make a picture show only in one day of year in certine hour, but I am not able to make it work. I used this expression (([D]==9)*([H]==10)? 100:0). It should be January 9 at 10:00 for one hour. I put it into Opacity window. What did I do wrong please? :confused:

You are multiplying the day times the hour so it is always true.
the way the ternary operator works is if
X ? Y:Z
X is true then do Y else do Z
So test for month true, then Day true then if else.

See this part of the tutorial.

I always group my complex tags on separate lines it make them much easier to understand

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Thank you, I figuerd it out :smiley:
([D] >= 0.28) * ([D] <= 0.30) ? (([H] == 10)? 100:0): 0
The problem was also that the day in year has range between 0.0 - 11.99, that means that my previous 9 were more months :woman_facepalming:

I missed that too trying to answer too fast.

[d] is day of month 1-31
[D] range 0.0 - 11.99 is where the leading integer is the month starting at zero for January and the second integer after the dot is the day by elapsed percentage of the month
Confusing isn’t it. You might be better to use [d] tag

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Hi, what about this way? in preview it works
remove one of the *

Yes, that works, too. Thank you :slight_smile: