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I just wanted to report some inconsistencies about how to use this tag expression, which can perhaps be investigated.

  1. In the Tag Expression section of the GWS help material (https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-design/studio/tutorial/dev-tag.html), it states that the units of [md] are “Km/h”. Obviously this should be just “km”. Minor but would be helpful to correct it.

  2. I’ve used the [md] tag expression to isolate tenths of a kilometre travelled and it works fine on the watch, but in the GWS run window, the watch emulator assigns a value to the [md] tag in metres rather than kilometers, so any [md] tag expressions are evaluated incorrectly. It would be great to fix this.

Example. Below is a tag expression to return 100 when I have travelled x.4 km:


(I have ten of these expressions which allow me to display a separate graphic for each tenth of a km)
The above expression works fine on the watch but not on the GWS emulator. The emulator only works with the following modifications (to assume the tag value is 1000 times greater - i.e. in metres).


Have others seen this behaviour? I accept of course that I could be doing something wrong!


Hi @rob1585568856,
Is it correct expression? I guess not, correct me if I am wrong.
I checked your 2nd expression and it works in the emulator as you mentioned.
I couldn’t check it on my watch but I support your concern. The Run Preview of GWS should behave same as a real watch do and as in the tutorial says [md] gives the value in km/h and a watch works accordingly, the Distance should also be in km/h in GWS. You may submit a support request about this matter to the support team to fix it.


Hi Azad. I can see why you questioned the first expression - good spot!

The forum display software has interepreted some of my tag expression as italic text delimiters, so it was displayed incorrectly. I have fixed my original post now so hopefully the expression that works on the watch is now properly displayed!

What is the best way to submit a support request? Is it best to submit it as a feature request?


Report metre versus KM as a support request I believe it is intentional set for Metre and works correctly in the preview window so I won’t report that.
You are supposed to put the proper metres in the preview not change the expression. This is consistent with Speed as well.

I’ll report the documentation error.

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Hi Ron,

I think the key issue here is that [md] tag-expressions are evaluated differently in the GWS run window and on the physical watch device.

In the two example expressions in my first post, the watch evaluates the expression the way I expect using the first expression, but the emulator does not. If I change the expression so it looks like the second one, then the emulator evaluates it as I require, but then of course the watch doesn’t.

Hope this helps.



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HI Rob,

Speed is also m/s even though the default settings for the speed text is km/h. So there is consistency in the preview settings.

Having the distance settings by meter allows the designer to fine tune things better for shorter distances. For example if a goal is to Run 5Km every day then using meters is easier to show the progression.

However I do understand where you are coming from since the tag is Km you believe you shouldn’t need to multiply the preview setting by 1000. Please feel free to plead your case in a support request.

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Support request raised and issue reproduced.