Can tag expressions cause lag?

This project that I’m working on uses a lot of images and tag expressions, perhaps too many. GWD is like a snail when working on this file. Now the finished APK is running a bit laggy on the watch as well. I’m trying to figure out which one is the culprit, images or tag expressions? Has any one experiencing similar issue?

Interestingly the lag is more noticeable on Active 2 44mm (Tizen than older S3 Classic and Frontier (Tizen Active 2 CPU is not as powerful as S3?

I remember only two cases when I made the GWD to lag.
I added about 30 images of big resolution (not too big in size) scaled down to look sharper set visible on condition line.
Other time I used multiple index element to draw all marks even the sub-second.
I only guess the total count of elements was too big.

Tag expressions should not have any bearing on the performance of the watch, either they work or they don’t, although very recently I have had them work on the emulator and completely not run on the watch.
My educated guess is it is your file size or the number of High resolution images you are using, OR
something is corrupted in one of them, specially when it is lagging on the watch itself.
To rectify all that , I would do a complete shutdown of your PC then start it back again clearing all the cache memory and then build a fresh .tpk and load it to the watch and see if that works.
Sometimes PCs act weird when pushed to the limit specially when trying to make a build in GWD

@Peter @Malcolm_319

Thanks for the inputs. It sounds like images are the issues here, I’m using resolution 720x720 scaled down 50%.

I had the opposite experience where tag expressions don’t work in emulator but work properly on actual watch.

I’ve gone the process of elimination one component at a time. Reducing image size helps a little bit. The culprit in my case is battery % tag expression [ba]. There are 20 of them in my project, one per 5% increment. Watch face shows no lag after those have been removed, but GWD is still crawling like a snail.

The same [ba] tag expressions were used in my other projects without issues. Although other projects don’t as many images and components as this one does. My guess is each [ba] is reading battery % in real time, so multiple [ba] can cause performance issue.

Is your tag expression for a linear or radial elements, if it is linear you can write one expression for the whole thing.
Also if its the battery % . you have the option to use the battery timeline instead of the tag expressions
I have never had a lag in the battery % in the timeline.
Another question is, are you rebuilding on an old watch face made in another GWD version,
that in fact has slowed down my process while rebuilding the new one to a crawl in my case.
Maybe that is the problem

I’m using simple show/hide tag expression in opacity. (([ba]>=96) * ([ba]<=100)) ? 100:0 etc

Thanks for remind me, I’ve completely forgotten about the battery conditional timeline.

No, I always start new project from scratch.