Tag not working correctly

When I try to put the Day/Date tag on my watch face it correctly reflects the month and date over the day of the week on the example in Run but when I Run on Device it comes out with the calendar icon and the day and date don’t reflect changes I made in size and color. I selected just the Text Title tag with no Icon. Tried it several times with the same result.

What you put in your complication is just exemplars they are there to help you visualize for display. A complication may change it to something else. If you want to show the Day Date create a text box and use the tags in that.

Samsung Developer Relations

In this case, is it possible to not display the text with None Complication?

If you add a complication slot (or complication) without a default provider no text will show on the watch (or preview window in WFS) until the watch user selects a complication for the slot.

Maybe I’m missing something you are doing. What version of WFS are you using 1.4.20 or an older version there are major differences in complications from 1.3.x to 1.4.x

What complication or complication Slot type are you selecting I don’t think you should be able to use Tags in the Text or Title of a Complication


Using 1.4.20 on my desktop. Is there a newer one available?

Hi Rog,

1.4.20 is the latest but a newer version is coming soon.

Use the Digital Time component or a Text Box using Tags for more customizations instead of a complication slot.

I’m not sure that all of the older complications are working correctly with the newer Wear 3 Wear 4 format.


Hey Rob! Thanks to you I had a breakthrough on WFS! Think I’ve got it figured out now. I’ve improves some of my existing faces with Taps and made a couple new ones. I appreciate your patience.